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Ageod announces The English Civil War!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

“I had rather have a plain, russet-coated Captain, that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that you call a Gentleman and is nothing else” Oliver Cromwell, 1643

The shadow of the Thirty Years War hit the British Isles in 1625, as Charles I became King of England. Accustomed to a weaker Scottish Parliament, the new King found fiercer opposition from the Parliament in London.

Now, only two decades later, open war has started with the Royalists facing the Parliamentarians, and the conflict is raging in England and Scotland.

The Country is at odds, its population forced to take a side and torn apart by religious divisions.

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New Ageod Forum tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Beginning October 06 2016, we will be implementing a new system for Ageod Forum. From this date, you'll get access to a completely renewed version of the forum.
The new Forum system allows you to browse trough the topics faster and better.
You will have access to this new version in the same way as before: thorugh the "Forum" Section on the Ageod site.

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It is Good to be the King!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Take it Easy approach of Wars of Successions, Ageod’s future release

End of 2016, Ageod will release a new title, ‘Wars of Successions’. While the scope of the game is huge, playing it will be simple and more accessible than previous grand strategy titles of the brand.

The game goes back to the basic rules that made Ageod initial successes. Here a short recap!

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Pride of Nations has been updated to version 1.04!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hi all! 
There is a new bunch of updates and improvements in this new version, and the list is very huge! In general, the engine has been updated to the latest game logic and UI functionalities common to all AGE engine game. 
You can check the changelog below 
You can download the patch from the member’s area. 

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Attention Wargamers! This post is for you!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

This is a first (and experimental) post to see if we can spark some positive discussion about topics related to wargames and to help us better understand your views and opinions about stuff we care about. So here you go.

Most of the time, wargames depict conflicts with surgical precision and analytical rigor. Nevertheless, they tend to focus only on the military (or close related) aspects. That’s pretty self-evident, of course, as wargames are about war, after all. But we shall not forget the all conflicts are not a mere confrontation of brute force. Also, the more a conflict is controversial, the more it is difficult to show it exclusively from the military perspective.

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Wars of Succession reveals its main art and opens for Beta!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Developers from Ageod are very proud to reveal today the main art for their new project, Wars of Succession!

The game will allow you to take the lead of different Great Powers during the turmoil of two greatest wars of the early XVIII° century. The War of Spanish Succession (1701-1713) pitting the French & Spanish Bourbons monarchs against the Grand Alliance built by Austrian Habsburg, Britain and the United Provinces, andthe Great Northern War (1700-1721), between Sweden and Russia (and her allies), most of which focused around the succession of Poland.

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. . . Quoi de Neuf

Wars of Napoleon

Wars of Napoleon

Date de Sortie: 3 DEC 2015

AGEod goes back to the Napoleonic era and creates the most detailed and comprehensive strategy game ever created about a time of struggle and conquest that forged modern Europe.

Thirty Years' War

Thirty Years' War

Date de Sortie: 3 SEP 2015

Thirty Years War is a new game designed by HQ covering one of the darkest ages of European history. The Thirty Years War is the series of conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in the Holy Roman Empire and its surroundings, between 1618 and 1648. In this strategy game, players will take control of one of the opposing sides, Protestants or Catholics, and fight for the control of the Empire.

Revolution Under Siege Gold

Revolution Under Siege Gold

Date de Sortie: 2 JUL 2015

From the Baltic to the shores of the Pacific and through the arid steppes of Central Asia, relive on PC the biggest civil war ever!

To End All Wars: Breaking the Deadlock

To End All Wars: Breaking the Deadlock

Date de Sortie: 24 FEB 2015

To End All Wars: Breaking the Deadlock is the first expansion to the most detailed World War One wargame ever created. Adding 5 completely new scenarios, this expansion aims to vastly increase the content in-game, giving players the option to focus on specific campaigns in Italy, the Balkans and even the Middle-East.

To End All Wars

To End All Wars

Date de Sortie: 26 AUG 2014

To End All Wars est la nouvelle référence des jeux de stratégie ayant pour thème la Première Guerre mondiale. Il s'agit d'un wargame au tour par tour simulant de façon ce réaliste ce grand conflit du début du XXe siècle. Le jeu peut compter sur le célèbre moteur AGE et une interface claire et intuitive facilitant la prise en main du joueur. Un incontournable pour tous les fans de cette période.

Hannibal: Terror of Rome

Hannibal: Terror of Rome

Date de Sortie: 18 JUN 2014

Hannibal: Terror of Rome retrace la période entre 230 et 201 avant J.C, soit essentiellement la Seconde Guerre Punique, véritable Armageddon entre les deux grandes puissances de l’Antiquité, Rome et Carthage. A la tête des mercenaires et des éléphants puniques se trouve Hannibal, le plus grand stratège de son temps. Face à lui, son vainqueur, Scipion l’Africain.

Civil War II - The Bloody Road South

Civil War II -
The Bloody Road South

Date de Sortie: 6 FEB 2014

Civil War II est la référence des jeux de grande stratégie sur la Guerre de Sécession. Cette première extension officielle permet aux joueurs d'aller encore plus loin grâce à du contenu supplémentaire.

Unity of Command - Black Turn

Unity of Command -
Black Turn

Date de Sortie: 10 DEC 2013

Ce nouvel add-on, dont les événements se déroulent avant la "Campagne de Stalingrad", clôt le grand chapitre sur le Front de l'Est de la série Unity of Command. Prenez le contrôle de la Wehrmacht et de ses alliés durant l'Opération Barbarossa, des premières victoires spectaculaires à l'enlisement aux portes de Moscou.

Alea Jacta Est - Parthian Wars

Alea Jacta Est -
Parthian Wars

Date de Sortie: 24 OCT 2013

Parthian Wars est un jeu de stratégie qui se concentre sur l'un des plus grands adversaires orientaux du monde romain. Ce wargame au tour par tour mise avant tout sur son système de jeu éprouvé et sa grande fidélité historique. Comme les précédents volets de la série Alea Jacta Est, il utilise le célèbre moteur AGE à la fois accessible et profond. Absolument incontournable pour les passionnés de l'Antiquité.

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Pride of Nations

Pride of Nations

Disponible : 7 SEP 2016

Pride of Nations Version 1.04 Update

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To End All Wars

To End All Wars

Disponible : 2 SEP 2016

To End All Wars version v1.03.01

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